What is this website

During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in 2020 many artists took to livestreaming performances, this offered a unique opportunity to showcase visual art that isn't often seen at gigs and opportunity to save recordings of artists with little to no previous exposure online. I thought it pertinent to make a website in an attempt to preserve this unique creative push and showcase the artists. Please wherever you can seek out these artists and give them your thanks, or money if you can.

The website is running on neocities for now as it's a fairly stable hosting platform and has been deliberately designed to not require any external services to function hence it being quite bare-bones. As many gigs as I can are hosted on archive.org as I can so that they are available for direct download, or torrent. I have also made a couple snapshots in the wayback machine service so it should last even if neocities goes away...

Who runs it

Thomas Carroll / Pressure Cooker Relief Valve / Snufkin / personal site with all sorts of contact info
Art by: Theo Gowans / Heinous Whiner / Territorial Gobbing

How to support

Please do not give me money, consider buying music from artists you love, or donating to venues you attend regularly! However the site will get better if you can share the link around and send in gigs to gigs@snufk.in